Text Box: Fund raising of Haiyan Victims

Laurie’s Creations


Text Box: Laurie’s Creations
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FUND RAISING   We are currently working hard collecting donations for the Haiyan Typhoon that hit the Philippines recently.  Please donate here if you can just click on the donate buttons.

If you  want to donate goods or unwanted items we can get them to my village of Culasi, Ajuy, Iloilo to help the villagers. Contact me.


Laurie and others doing a live radio broadcast on radio Kent

Laurie doing an interview on ITV Meridian news.

Laurie assisting with the Ashford Rotarians fundraising

We’ve been collecting in local shops and pubs and these are the moments when we have been counting the money.

We have been collecting money for Laurie’s village Culasi, Iloilo, Panay Philippines.  The village has still not seen International aid and whilst we now l know there were no deaths the village was devastated in terms of losing its crops and fishing boats broken, many of the houses were destroyed.


In the first tranche the people of Ashford have given over £300+, this has been collected from shops and pubs in the town centre.  With other money given by family and friends we were able to send  to my village.  This money has helped supply foods for over 300 families, 1000+  people for just a few days, that’s about a quarter of the village.


Last week we transferred the money to Laurie’sniece and instructed her what to do, with the help of her mother. (Laurie’s sister).  On Sunday 1st December Distribution of Aid bought with the money donated was undertaken in Culasi.


We are still collecting in the town centre and will be collecting until Christmas.  We are also collecting clothes.


 If you can help in any way please donate in (shops that have got the donation boxes s, or bring clothes to the Health & Shape Wellness Centre, 4-6 New Rents, Ashford, TN23 1JH.  (Above Ashford sewing Centre opposite Argos, entrance in Gilbert Road.)


I want everyone to know that every penny of the collected money has gone to my village.


I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to our collection.


More pictures of the aid sent to my village is available here